Annual Zal & Rose Breakfasts

Dec 16, 2019 | Featured, Front Page 2

Annual Zal & Rose Breakfasts raised over $24,000 to help feed kids!

A big thank you to Zoe Yanovsky, her fabulous staff at Chez Piggy and Pan Chancho, and everyone who came out to support the 16th annual Zal & Rose breakfast fundraiser.  Over $24,000 was raised for the Zal and Rose Yanovsky Breakfast Fund at the Foundation to support the Food Sharing Project.

We learned that last year the Food Sharing Project provided over 750,000 healthy meals and snacks for students in 88 schools in our local area last year.  Wow!

The beautiful breakfasts are organized and served by Zoe and her staff who volunteer their time. Attendees respond generously, and each year the Foundation processes some 200 donations from these events. As a result, the endowment fund has now grown to over $330,000.

At the breakfast, Zoe presented a cheque for $10,000 representing the total amount donated to the Food Sharing Project in 2019. This amount is a combination of the income from the endowment fund, plus a small top up directly from the breakfasts themselves.

Thank you to everyone who helped feed hungry kids so that they can better concentrate and learn in school. 

Do you want to help too?

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